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Post  SnowyRenegade on Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:35 am

Snowy Renegade aka Rich :) Snowyrenegade
IGN: Snowy Renegade
Status: Joint Leader, Vent Owner
Favourite profession: Elementalist
Favourite campaign: Nightfall (I love killing kournan scum almost as much as Luxons, What more can i say)

Favourite area: The Sulferous Wastes (God it's fun riding inside the junundu woggums)

Favourite PvP: Alliance Battle (I agree with monk it rock's killing stupid Suxons)

Favourite enemy creature: Raptors (Cos they're fast, deadly and they work together........ Just like MC Razz)

What is your greatest achievement: Completing Factions and Nightfall in less than 2 months Smile

Favourite aspect about Guild Wars:
Meeting new friends and doing Group events

other characters:
Skynard Lynard, Solar Squirrel, Cosmic Chipmunk, Holy Quackamoley, Queen Guillotine, Grace Hunter and Snowy goes Dervish

Information about myself:
i am a fun and happy go lucky kind of guy with a good sense of humour and a positive outlook on life.
Atm i am trying to complete EOTN and Prophecies so i can farm and vanq all those wonderful areas Smile

Interesting Fact: I HATE ONI'S Razz
Snowy Renegade aka Rich :) Oni

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