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Post  basketbal on Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:28 pm

that's right.
I have decided to become the guild Psychologist/Psychiatrist.
Why it's simple: people got private stuff on there mind but are afraid to talk about it.(example sexual diseases)
These kind of discussions most people feel ashamed of and thats usually the main reason people dont talk about it.
Many people say and i have discoverd it myself(i got rage problems) that talking about your problems can be a huge relief and how i like to mention it: It clears your heart.
Even i still talk about personal stuff to Sara and/or Snowy(bit hard to talk with myself about a problem^^)

Why have i decided to do this:
there are 4 reasons for it.
1: i am one of the guild leaders and i want members to trust atleast there leaders
2: Alot of people in RL and even ingame trust me as person they can discuss personal problems.
I have hunderds of secrets and stories of people who talked with me about there problems.
mainly teenagers have talked with me but also adults(those mainly talk with me ingame).
Also i am usually at work a neutral who get secrets about 2 sides who are in argue(or any other kind of problem)
I listen to both sides and try to get a solution.
3: when your online you dare more since people dont know how you are in RL, so talking online also gives a more open feeling to the one your talking too.(usually not always)
4: i like to help other people

how can i help you:
This is ofcourse a logical thing to say and a logical question people will ask.
I WILL make time to talk with you.
I WILL take my time to talk with you.
I WILL listen to every word of you say.
I WILL try to give a solution.(i mention try due that sometimes i cant give a solution)
you WONT have to pay anything to me
ofcourse i aint a proffesional Psychologist/Psychiatrist but i will do my best to help you.
Usually just talking about it already the solution.
If you prefer to keep it anonymous just give me a wisper ingame or send a private message to my forum account.
so if you got a problem and you wanna talk about it you know where to you

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