the current state of MC and of monky

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the current state of MC and of monky Empty the current state of MC and of monky

Post  basketbal on Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:46 am

state of MC:

after more then 1 year i am glad MC has become a good and friendly guild.
due to the succes UC was created and will up and running when Guild Wars 2 beta┬┤s are playable.
Anne(Anna Stormbow) even created a guild in Aion online with the same name.
if MC aion becomes a succes it shall be the start of what i call the cookie legion^^

my current state:

those things above sound great ofcourse but myself having trouble have spare time for guild wars.
RL such as school and my own animals are taking alot of time.
also due to the MC aion i am gonna help anne with making MC there a succes aswell so that will remove some playtime for me for GW aswell.
due to those things i simply cant be main leader for awhile.
i will remain one of the leaders ofc and will come online from time to time.

the current state of MC and of monky Chris-hansen
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