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Post  basketbal on Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:41 pm

i want to host a quiz for the the guild.

entry fee is 500g

price is:
1st: 250g(per entry)
2st: 150g(per entry)
3rd: 100g(per entry)

there are 20 questions in total
you got 60 seconds to say the anwser to me
why 60 seconds?
its simple so that ppl dont take their time to search through the guildwiki's

you wisper your anwser to me so that the other competitors cant see your answer

each right answer gives a maxium of 8 points
within 15 sec: 8 points
within 30 sec: 6 points
within 45 sec: 4 points
within 60 sec: 2 points
outside 60 sec: 0 points

there is 1 question which has 3 answers
each correct answer at this question gives 6 points
the time points above this dont count for this question

after 10 questions there will be a 10min break soyou can get something to drink or look at the guildwiki's

since i cant control if someone has guildwiki on the background guildwiki is allowed to be used during the questions and answers times(the main reason why you only got 1 min to answer the question)

how to sign up:
just give the entry fee to The Worst Monk
i will write your name on the forum
or relpy here^^

ofcourse alliance members are also welcome to join with the quiz

the date:

19 GMT

P.S. all my questions and answers are taken from the Offical Guildwarswiki
here is a link for it

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