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My name is jack Empty My name is jack

Post  jack goes ... on Thu Jan 29, 2009 10:25 am

IGN : jack goes ...
status: happy go lucky officer
favourite proffesion : dervish and rangers
fave campaighn : nightfall

fave area : area with lots of enemys
fave PvP : AB all the way
fave enemy : a good strong boss
greatest achievement : joining MC
fave bit about GW : the people
Chars : jack goes nightfall and jack goes ranger

About me : haha well i suck at talken bout myself so here goes
i go by the name jack goes ... in the game
im always happy 2 help any1 who asks if i can
so feel free 2 ask and im an AB fanatic so ill be either playing the campaighn or in Ab lol
jack goes ...
jack goes ...

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