I did it, i finaly did it!

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I did it, i finaly did it! Empty I did it, i finaly did it!

Post  Elonas Knight on Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:21 pm

Hi guys, well my name is Mike, im 28 and i live in the midlands in the U.K. I like playing team games and have enjoyed playing GW ever since i got it. I like the idea of meating new friends and learning new things with different people. I cant always play much because of my work but like to be involved in the team events, (even tho im not very good) ill still try my best. Im looking forward to doing EOTN which i have just started so if any1 wants to team up then pls do so and we'll try together. I find some good things on my jurneys so if any1 ever needs anything pls ask cus i may have it or something like it that may help for a time. thanx and cya online!

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