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The Worst Monk has arrived Empty The Worst Monk has arrived

Post  basketbal on Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:02 am

The Worst Monk has arrived Thewor11
IGN: The Worst Monk
Status: Leader,site and forum admin
Favourite proffesion: Monk
Favourite campaign:
Factions its challenging and its the home of the kurzicks

Favourite area:
The Tarnished Coast its awesome jungle, dark caves, those lovely Asura and ofcourse those beautifull kraits

Favourite PvP:
Alliance Battle who doesnt like defeating the luxons

Favourite enemy creature:
Primordus the acient dragon that created the great Destroyer

What is your greatest achievement:
completing Urgoz Warren over 200 times and a record time (NM) of 46 min and (HM) 70min

Favourite aspect about Guild Wars:
Its teamplay gameplay

other characters:
Warlord Butterknife, Speedy knife Girl, Lizard Ranger,
Reaper Of Things, More Evil Than You, Lady Firespitter, The Fart Mistress

Information about myself:
i am a fun loving guy, making jokes and try to keep happy and foolish all the time.
Atm i collecting alot of expensive stuff to fill my HoM and i am also a title hunter.

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