i just signed up ^^ YOOO

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i just signed up ^^ YOOO Empty i just signed up ^^ YOOO

Post  alex on Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:47 am

ahahah, yeah yo im alex ;D
probably the COOOLest member ahahah :L!
i think so far ive found im one of the younger people here as im only 16 Razz! but all is cool yeah i get drunk quitee often >< but doesnt every young guy? afro ive been in this guild pretty long although people may seem like they have been longer by the added date ive known snowy longer and been in and out a bit as i go inactive but now im allowed to stay in even if i go inactive too long =D!!!!!!!!
and we all know,,,,,,,,,,,, jack a.k.a Kcaj is my honey even if he deny it Wink! aint that right hahahahaha
not much else about me i love basketball infact its the only sport i can do Basketball
i love music and i like everything apart from classical stuff or MC's xD! but im a pretty chin chillin guy you wanna know more just ask yerrr Wink!Smile Very Happy Shocked

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