The story of The Worst Monk part 1: A introduction and my birth

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The story of The Worst Monk part 1: A introduction and my birth Empty The story of The Worst Monk part 1: A introduction and my birth

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Hi there like most people my favourite char is my monk called: The Worst Monk.
Due to that 1 part of my gameplay that keeps me playing is giving my monk its own ''life''

How my stories work:
All stories i post are in fact 1 big story.
Each story directly following its previous story.
Each story will contain around 2 to 4 chapters depending on how big they are and homw much i come up with when i write them.
Every sunday i will post a new story till its finished.

Here it goes then^^
Hope you all enjoy my stories.

The story of The Worst Monk part 1: A introduction and my birth

hi there i am The Worst Monk.
but everyone calls me Monk ^^.
I am together with Snowy Renegade leader of the guild:

The Ministery Of Cookies.

I am as you can see in my name a Monk and according to my members one of the best monks they have ever seen.
Dwayna is the god i pray daily too cause thanks to her i am still alive.
How is that possible? let me tell you that in the great story of The Worst Monk.

Born from a mother of Vabbi and father from Cantha.
I was raised in the harbor village of Yahnur Market.
My mother alsways lived in that village while my father was a trader before he started living in the village.
The story of The Worst Monk part 1: A introduction and my birth Gw118
The house we lived in.

chapter 1:The Father of The Worst Monk

Before my father met my mother he was a trader from Cantha.
At the age of 4 he gained a small present from a trader and since then he always wanted to become a trader.
He knew he needed to protect his merchandise and supplies from enemy creatures and raiders and so he signed up for the Shing Jea Monastery.
When he reached the age of 10 he was allowed to study in the Monastery and became a powerfull warrior.
He took many adventures in order to gain rare items but sadly it came at a cost.
During a adventure in southern areas of Vabbi a group of a Harpies ambused him.
he was able to kill most of them but he didnt noticed the Harpie archer and was struck a near lethal blow.
Before the hekets harpies could come near to his body a squad a Vabbian soldiers killed them and brought him to the nearby village of Yahnur Market.
There he met my mother who took care of him.
Despite that she wasnt a monk she still knew alot how to cure him with the local herbs.
My father decided after his wound was healed to stay in the village to become a fisherman and 2 years later he married my mother.
The story of The Worst Monk part 1: A introduction and my birth Vader
My father when he was a trader.

chapter 2:The Mother of The Worst Monk.

My mother was actress from Vabbi before she met my father.
Born in a family of high Nobles she was always treated like a princess.
Everything she wanted she gained.
But after the age of 10 it become boring and wanted to do something.
She decided to learn in the ways of Lyassa the primary twin goddeses of a Mesmer.
In her first year of the mesmer teachings she become very powerfull and constantly pushing herself to the limit.
When during a expermiment to learn a advanced spell she accidently killed a fellow student and was not allowed to learn the ways of Lyssa.
When this happens she decided to become a actress like her hero Norgu(who is a actor and a mesmer).
She become very succesfull and soon after several good paid roles she bought a house in the village of Yahnur Market.
2 years later soldiers carried a man and asked her if she could take care of him till the soldiers could find a monk to heal him.
What the soldiers didnt knew is that she was experienced in using herbs to cure others and soon the man was healthy
He decided to stay with her and become a fisherman and 2 years later she married him.
The story of The Worst Monk part 1: A introduction and my birth Moeder
my mother when we lived in Yahnur Market, quite a beauty isnt she.

chapter 3:The Birth of The Worst Monk.

1 year after the marriage of my parents, my mother gave birth of a baby girl.
That cute little baby girl is me.
Within a year i could walk and within 14 months i was able to speak.
At the age of 3 i was able to read and quickly found a secret room in my house.
Numerous amount of books on the bookshells and i became addicted to reading.
When i was 4 i became insterested in the teachings of Dwayna and i wanted to become a Monk.
i used the books to study the way of healing and used the rats in the room for practice.
When i was 5 years old i was playing outside till the alarm bells sounded and several soldiers quickly ranned to the east side.
But what happend on that day i will tell another day.

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