The story of The Worst Monk part 2: The Harpy raid and the journey to Cantha

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The story of The Worst Monk part 2: The Harpy raid and the journey to Cantha Empty The story of The Worst Monk part 2: The Harpy raid and the journey to Cantha

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Hi there and welcome to my second story.
Now where were i?

Oh i remember.

Chapter 4: The Harpy raid

At the age of 5 when i was playing with my friend, suddenly i hear the alarm bells and i see several soldiers running to the east side of the village.
Despite it was safer to run and hide in my home i was curious why the soldiers rushed to the east gate.
I followed them and i saw that around 20 harpies gathered to attack the village.
The story of The Worst Monk part 2: The Harpy raid and the journey to Cantha Skree_Raider
1 of the harpies that raided my village.

I was trying to get closer but my father picked me up and took me me back home.
But before we reached home we were ambushed by 6 Harpies that flew over the guards.
My father quickly draw his sword and started to attack them.
I quickly hide myself under a merchant cart.
The story of The Worst Monk part 2: The Harpy raid and the journey to Cantha Gw136
The cart i was hiding under.

My father was in trouble, he simply couldnt fighting 6 harpies on his own.
So i used my healing powers to prevent him from getting injuries.
Once my father noticed that something is blessing him(he still didnt knew that i can heal), causing him to fight in a rampaging style blindly slashing his sword to his enemies.
My help turns out to be a deadly misstake.
Within a minute i used all of my energy to keep him from harm.
My father who was still slashing his swords in his rampage, didnt noticed that the ''blessings'' were gone
The harpies did noticed it and all 6 quickly slashed there swords into my father.
The harpies draw there weapons out of his body and his body fell to the ground.
My mom who was watching the fight from the window quickly ran to him and used her mesmer spells to immoblize the harpies.
Once i saw my mother running to my father's body i quickly ran to it aswell.
But a harpy that somehow didnt got struck by my mother's spell saw me.
The harpy quickly flew to me and slashed his sword to me.
Due that i was 5 years old and so still quite small it missed me.
I fell down and was to scared to move.
The harpy quickly prepared for his second attack.
My mother saw the harpy preparing for its attack.
During her crying about my father she tried to put a spell on the harpy but the harpy was to far away.
When the harpie quickly slashed his sword to me i could hear my mother screaming in fear of losing me.
But suddenly the sword was blocked by a magical shield.
Surprised my mother looked up and saw a bright light shining down on me.
She then realized that Dwayna protected me.
Due to the crying and screaming of my mother some guards quicly came to help us killed the harpies that ambushed me.
Once the guards started to help us my mother quickly ran to me and took me in the house and we waited there till the fight was over.
After the raid everyone who was killed was buried and ceremonial funeral took place.
I told my mother it was my fault my father died since i healed him all the time.
My mother completely surprised that i could heal told me that if i didnt healed my father Dwayna would not have protected me.
When she mentioned that i told here i want to become a monk.
The next day i saw my mother on the sitting on the dock thinking about something.
She was thinking about my future as a monk.
Her family of rich nobles and famous actors whould not allow a woman to become something else other then a mesmer.
So we needed to leave Vabbi if i wanted to become a monk.
My mother remember the tales my father told about a village in Cantha on Shing Jea Island.
The village is called Linkei Township.
We took my father fishing ship and through the Elon River we reached the sea.
We stopped at Kamadam to buy some food and fresh water for the long yourney to Cantha
The story of The Worst Monk part 2: The Harpy raid and the journey to Cantha Gw120
My father's fishing ship.

Chapter 5: Cantha

After a long and dangerous journey we finally saw land after 2 weeks.
After we placed our ship at the docks we started to ask against the dockmaster which part of Cantha it is.
Turns out we were on the Battle Isles.
I saw numerous of strong heroes preparing for upcoming fights.
The story of The Worst Monk part 2: The Harpy raid and the journey to Cantha Gw137
All the heroes preparing for there upcoming battles.

My mother saw how i looked at all those heroes and decided we will stay on the Battle Isles for 3 days.
During that time i saw some very powerfull monks healing there comrades with such speed i never could have thought was possible.
Thanks to 1 of the monks i learned some new skills which according to her would proof to be usefull in the future for me.
We took off from the Battle Isles and went to the harbor of Kaineng City.
Soon we saw buildings and when we come closer we only saw more buildings and ships.
Both me and my mother were amazed on how big this city is.
We placed the ship on the docks and we went shopping for some food but quickly become lost in the big city.
Soon after that some thugs ambushed and demanded us to give them all our money.
Luckily a hero of Cantha with a proffesion i have never seen before saved us.
She noticed we werent from Cantha and she helped us back to a part called Kaineng Center.
We thanked her and asked what her name was and what proffesion she uses.
She said her name was Nika and her proffesion was Assassin and right in front of us a sudden black smoke and she was gone.
in Kaineng Center we found a farmer who was selling his crops.
We bought some and asked where Linkei Township is.
He told us we would bring us there since he lives there aswell.
Once we reached it we purchased a house and my mother was getting a job as a farmer.
The story of The Worst Monk part 2: The Harpy raid and the journey to Cantha Gw059
The village of Linkei Township, our home is the top one.

During that time my mother was working i kept on training my monk skills and was soon discoverd by one of teachers of Shing Jea Monastery.
He saw in me a great monk and wanted to escort me to the Monastery.

I couldnt wait for my lessons but how my years in the monastery went is another story.

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