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The Worst Monk story rules Empty The Worst Monk story rules

Post  basketbal on Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:01 pm

i decided to create a topic about how the stories work.

here our how my stories work:
All stories i post are in fact 1 big story.
Each story directly following its previous story.
Each story will contain around 2 to 4 chapters depending on how big they are and homw much i come up with when i write them.
Every sunday i will post a new story till its finished.

Sub stories:
Sub stories will appear from time to time.
they will tell more advanced stuff about certain events within or between stories

Every name is based on a character name of one of the guild members, a real life name(one of the guild members or there children) and NPC's from the game.
The storyline of my story doesnt follow 100% the story ingame.
Everything about Guild Wars in my story is in copyright of Arenanet and NCsoft

So far i keep hearing positive comments ingame but i would like your opinion in a comment.
its not required but i will be gratefull so i with the right comments i can improve my stories

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