The Worst Monk life story part 4: A goodbye and a welcome

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The Worst Monk life story part 4: A goodbye and a welcome Empty The Worst Monk life story part 4: A goodbye and a welcome

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As always i welcome you to my latest story.
I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 8:A lonely Departure.

After Headmaster Amara allowed me to go to Ascalon in order to help the people after the attack during the searing, i quickly prepared for the journey.
Before i started my adventure i first went to visit my old friends Snowy and Sara.
They like me also live on Shing Jea Island but in a other village called Tsumei Village.
They also married 1 year ago and within the year they got there first baby of which her name is: Amelia-Grace.
I asked if they wanted to join me on my adventure but both said no due that they wanted to take care of there baby.
Despite there not going they atleast walked with me to Seitung Harbor.
By my Surpirse i saw my mother standing together with Headmaster Amara
they all waved me goodbye and with a good feeling i went to the lands of Tyria.

Chapter 9:The land across the sea.

After a long time i finally reached the lands Tyria.
I docked my ship at the harbor of Lion's Arch.
What i noticed first was how quiet most people were.
A Ranger who somehow knew what i was thinking about how quiet it is said to me thats the lands of Tyria havent been quiet over the past years.
We went to a remote part of Lion's Arch and he told me me everything about Tyria.
About the Charr invasion on all 3 human races.
The lands of Orr were destroyed and sunk into the sea, how he didnt know.
The lands of Kryta were also under attack but were repelled by the White Mantle leader: Saul D'alessio
But he was somehow dissappeard after that.
Ascalon was the only place where the Charr succesfully invaded the land.
In the shiverpeaks civil war between 2 dwarven races.
Also Kryta was in civil war.
Some people didnt agree that the white mantle would rule the Krytan lands.
the biggest rebel group was the Shining Blade.
The undead were also roaming the laqnds of Kryta.
After he told everything i asked his name.
His name was Scykosis Lynx.
After he mentioned his name he quickly ran away.
I went to the market to buy some food and more in order to prepare myself.
When that was done i went to the gate that would lead me to Ascalon.
I asked the guards if i could pass but they didnt let me.
The guards told me that no one is allowed to go to the Shiverpeaks or Ascalon due to the war in both lands.
After the failure of passing through the gate i decided to explore Kryta and maybe find another into those lands.

chapter 10:A change of plan

During my exploration i saw a familair ranger helping some peasants to a village.
A farmer saw me and said that those people were the choosen, the choosen were blessed by the gods according to what the farmer said.
He also mentioned that he had never seen a choosen back after the journey.
Once the Eye of Janthir came close to me a bright light was surrounding while the farmer was knocked down.
He said i was a choosen aswell.
I asked where they would bring the choosen after they reached the village.
The farmer said to the bloodstone in the Maguuma Jungle.
I decided to follow the group to the bloodstone and see what purpose it is in bringing the choosen to that place.
After a long day me and the group reached the bloodstone.
But once we came closer to it i saw 1 of the White Mantle leaders killing a other group of choosen.
The killer turns out to be Justicar Hablion.
I used the jungle in order to come close and once i was close enough i prepared myself to a spell to protect the choosen.
Once Hablion started his attack i quickly casted a shield and with my smiting spells i knocked him down.
Suddenly arrows were flying around me and i quickly thought that Shining Blade were attacking the White mantle aswell.
After the fight was over they revealed themselves.
My thoughts were right they were the Shining Blade and one of them was Scykosis Lynx.
He took me and the choosen to there leader Evenia.... and she asked me if i want to join the Shining Blade.
I said no despite i agree with there way against the White Mantle i prefered to be neutral so i can also help the people of Kryta.
Evenia said that i could be a undercover Shining Blade just like Scykosis Lynx and when she mentioned that i said yes.
I Knew more Adventure would come to me but those are for another story.

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