The Worst Monk life story part 5: A white island and a desert of tests

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The Worst Monk life story part 5: A  white island and a desert of tests Empty The Worst Monk life story part 5: A white island and a desert of tests

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Another week and so another story.

chapter 11:A new ally.

After i joined the Shining Blade as a undercover monk i decided to explore the lands of Kryta and the Dangerous Maguuma Jungle.
The White Mantle after the death of Justicar Hablion didnt trust anyone and i was stopped by one of there patrol groups.
Suddenly several centaurs jumped out of nowhere.
I decided to stay still in hope they wouldnt attack me.
After the Centaurs killed the White Mantle i was taken to there leader Woho Sacredhide.
He asked me why i didnt attack the group.
I said that every creature has the right to live and that would only kill if needed.
I decided to stay with them and learn more about Centaur culture.
I also joined there fight against the White Mantle and i quickly gain the trust and respect of the Centaurs.
After some time one of the Centaur scouts noticed that alot of White mantle were gathering on the island of Sanctum Cay.
Woho Sacredhide decided we would go there and deal a major strike against them.
On the Island we saw my old friend Scykosis Lynx giving a Scepter to someone.
The Centaurs knew who it was.
It is Vizier Khilbron , the former advisor of the king of Orr.
According to the Centaurs he used a spell that destroyed the kingdom of Orr while trying to fend of the Charr invasion.
The Centaurs also knew which scepter it is.
It is called the Scepter of Orr and according to the myths it is a very powerfull staff.
I told the Centaurs that the ranger who gave the scepter is a friend of mine.
So the centaurs and me decided to follow him.
After following Scykosis to a beach the vizier gave him a order to defend the beach while the vizier is summoning a ship.
Suddenly lots of White Mantle soldiers were marching to the beach.
I decided to help Scykosis and the Centaurs followed my lead not long after.
It was my most intense fight so far i have never casted so many spells in such a short fight.
After 10 minutes the the summoned boat was arrived and me and Scykosis quickly went on it.
When i said to the Centaurs to come aboard aswell, they resigned and said they will stay and will try to kill as many White Mantle as they can.

chapter 12:Favor of the gods.

The Vizier told me and Scykosis that we needed to get Asension in order to defeat they White Mantle.
I asked why.
The Vizier said that the unseen gods of the White Mantle are a acient race called the Mursaat and cannot be seen by normal people.
Only those that are choosen can get Asension and so we will be able to see the Mursaat.
After awhile we reached the shores of the Crystal Desert.
We asked some of the spirits who were wandering in the desert what we needed to do in order to get Asended.
We learned that there are 3 missions to complete before you can do the final mission.
During the long walks to reahc the outposts where we could prepare for the missions Scykosis fell to the ground due to the heat and not long later i fell aswell.
When i wake up i saw Scykosis next to me, still unconius..... i decided to explore they area we were in.
Turns out we were in a Centaur camp.
The Centaurs of the desert recieved a message that i was friendly to them and so they took me and Scykosis to the outposts.
During the missions we saw snake like creatures.
They were able to talk as humans and both me and Scykosis quickly learned they are a acient race called the Forgotten.
After completing the 3 missions we went to the final outpost to do the final test.
The final test was a 1 on 1 fight against yourself.
A creature called the Doppelganger had the exact same skills, weapons, armors and attributes as me.
After a long intense fight i noticed the Doppelganger ran out of energy and it was then i attacked.
After the defeat of the Doppelganger a gate opened and i was teleported to a cave.
A Forgotten was waiting for me and said that i was asended but i needed to do 1 more test.
I quickly prepared for it and how the final test went is for another story.

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