The Worst Monk life substory 1: The Mighty Jungle

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The Worst Monk life substory 1: The Mighty Jungle Empty The Worst Monk life substory 1: The Mighty Jungle

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Welcome to the first sub story.
Hope you enjoy it.

Its best to read this between chapter 11 and 12 or after story 5

The Centaurs.

After a White Mantle found me they wanted to check my gear and asked with i was doing all the way here.
I said i was just exploring the lands.
Once they were done checking my gear they asked why i had some many weapons with me.
My answer was that i must protect myself during exploring from enemies and local wildlife.
After i said that answer a group of 4 Centaurs jumped out of nowhere and started attacking the wild mantle i quickly duck in the hope they keep me alive.
When the final body feel the Centaurs quickly turned there attention to me.
Curious why i didnt attacked them they took my captive and brought me to there leader called Woho Sacredhide.
He asked why i didnt attack the Centaur group.
I said that every creature has the right to live and that would only kill if needed.
He decided to let me live.
And just as i was to walk away from them i went back.
I asked to him if i could stay.
With logical reasons he asked why.
My answer was simple to learn more about Centaur culture.
Although he agreed with staying i saw that he wasnt to happy with it.
So i needed to prove myself towards him and the other Centaurs.
Within a week i was allowed to join in a raiding party against White Mantle patrols.
I advised the same way they killed the group where they first met me.
The leader of the party agreed with and with that way we killed over 20 patrols without losing a single life.
Due to that i quickly became respected and soon i was allowed to do more activities with them.
Such as joined up eating, playing with there kids, healing the sick and wounded.
I quickly grew into a respected guest and i even became a member of there tribe.

A pointy eared creature.

During my stay with the Centaurs i sometimes when time allowed it explored the Maguuma Jungle.
During one of mine explorations i noticed something was following me.
At first i thought it was a Centaur who was given a order to keep a eye on me.
But once i went into a part that was to dense for a Centaur something was still following me.
After i reached a open place i turned around and i quickly saw a creature hiding behind a rock.
I went to it and it quickly begged not to hurt him.
I was amazed with what i saw.
A creature smaller then a dwarf and able to speak with long pointy ears.
I asked what typ of creature it was.
He said he belongs to a race called the Asura.
Myself have never heard or read about it and asked to him why there is almost nothing about them in books of the humans.
He said the Asura live underground and are rarely spotted by other living beings.
The Asura according to him was above ground for the same reason i was so far in the jungle: exploring.
I asked for his name.
His name was Hoff and after it i nicely said my name to him and asked if he wanted to explore with me.
He said yes and we walked further into the jungle.
During the exploration he taught me alot of the Asura and about alot more things.
After awhile he quickly jump out of sight and i quickly found out why.
A large raiding party of the White Mantle was preparing for something but for what i couldnt hear.
Luckily my asuran friend was small enough to get close and he overheard there conversation.
According to him they were preparing to attack several Centaur and Shining Blade camps.
I couldnt allow it so i quickly created a plan against them.
I knew a there was a deep cliff nearby and so my plan to lure to that and with the power of my smiting prayers knocking them in the deep cliff.
I stayed in the bushes near them and they were very close to the cliff i revealed myself.
With all my power i brought them closer and closer to the cliff and a few of them even fell but my energy quickly went down.
After the White Mantle noticed my energy was down they charged towards me.
Suddenly several flaming rocks were falling down towards the White Mantle and the Asura showed himself.
Together we pushed the ones that survived the meteor shower over the cliff.
We celebrated it for a short while and after eating we went back.
Before he left he said that he was searching ingredients to create miniature versions of certain creatures so that the asura could have them as pets.
He promised me to give me one if we would ever meet up again.
Once i was back at the Centaur camp a scout informed the rest that alot of the White Mantle where gathering on the island of Sanctum Cay.
And so the next day we went to the island but how that went you can read in chapter 12 in story 5.

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