The Worst Monk life story part 7: Fighting in Fire.

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The Worst Monk life story part 7: Fighting in Fire. Empty The Worst Monk life story part 7: Fighting in Fire.

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The Final Battle for the freedom of Tyria hope you enjoy it.

chapter 15: A mighty foe.

As me and Scykosis Lynx set sail to the only outpost were we could safely dock our ship we decided to circle the island to see how well protected it is.
We noticed the Mursaat were well dig in with 2 good protected fortresses.
Luckily one of the dwarves explored the islands a long time ago and knew a back way to by pass the first fortess main gate.
Although we took the back way in the Mursaat protected the way aswell using many of the creatures who live on the island to defend it.
After we busted through the gate the Mursaat were ready for us with many patrols protecting the Fortress.
A tough battle was coming and we both prepared for it.
Once were ready we quickly attacked and killed alot of within the first blow.
Surprised and stunned by it the rest were quickly taken down.
We reached the second fortress but quickly found out that this would be much harder to crack.
But this time the Vizier gave us a helping hand and blessed us with some powerfull spells.
Despite being outnumberd the Mursaat were defeated quickly thanks with the spells of the Vizier.
But by much regret we discoverd that the Mursaat were guarding the Door of Komalie in order to prevent someone from using the titans to take over Tyria.
And if it couldnt get any worse the Vizier betrayed us and turned into a undead and quickly opened the door by using the Scepter of Orr.

chapter 16: Betrayal.

Betrayed and filled with anger that the vizier used us for his plans we decided to take him down.
Our quest wouldnt be easy many titans were guarding the area and in order to stop his plans we needed to close the portals.
A long day await and without any help we knew our chances of succes were low.
After a long way of fighting we reached the portals but they were guarded by many titans.
Altough many patrols were there walking near them it would also be there weakness since the portal spirits were being alone when the patrols walked away.
We used it to our advantage and cleared all the portals.
In order to slow us down the Undead Vizier used a old friend of Scykosis.
Prince Rurik.
I saw that with much regret Scykosis shot his arrows to him.
And with one more arrow to end Rurik's curse.
I blessed Rurik and prayed to Dwayna to make sure Prince Rurik would end up in the Hall of Heroes inside The Mists.
Filled with anger and revenge we quickly went to the undead vizer and started to attack him.
His magic was to strong and were quickly beaten.
Then out of Nowhere a arrow flew over ours head and struck the vizier just when he was about to kill us.
Suddenly Snowy Renegade jumped before me and casted several spell against the vizier and on the rocks above stood Sara Sweetbow.
All four of us started to attack him and not soon later he was beaten.
Despite his defeat the Door of Kamelie was about to explode.
But luckily the dragon Glint created a portal and it brought us to cave near Droknar's Forge where many people of all races were waiting for us to thank us.
We celebrated and with the help some of the centaurs i went to Ascalon in order to restart my orginal quest.

chapter 17: A ruined land.

Once i reached the lands of Ascalon i was shocked by the damage the Searing did to the landscape.
Everywhere were ruins and burned down trees.
I couldnt find a single green flower.
Not long after i found my first Charr patrol and quickly killed them.
I reached the ruined city Ascalon
With i instantly noticed was how devasted everyone was by the Searing.
You could see it in there eyes.
No words could describe there expressions.
Not long later i saw some wounded soldiers and i used my healing spells to patch up there wounds.
The soldiers thanked me and not long many people were asking me to heal them.
After several days the king of Ascalon came to me and asked me what i was doing.
I said that i came to help the people of Ascalon during there time sadness.
The king said that Ascalon didnt need help from people outside and that i needed to leave Ascalon on the same day.
He was sure that he could save Ascalon but i thought it wasnt possible.
I sadly left the ruined lands of Ascalon and returned home.

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