The Worst Monk life sub story 2: A small friend

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The Worst Monk life sub story 2: A small friend Empty The Worst Monk life sub story 2: A small friend

Post  basketbal on Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:12 am

A extra substory for those that are interested in how i found my cute little Gwen.

A giant of friend.

During my return to my village on Shing Jea Island after the king requested that i must leave Ascalon.
i stumbled across a Charr patrol.
Luckily they didnt see me.
The Charr patrol took a small break.
During there break one of the Charr kicked some rocks out of boredom.
At one of the rocks after kicking it he looked down and with a surpirsed face.
I looked to the ground aswell and was surpised aswell.
I saw a tiny little girl not much longer then 10 centimeters.
The charr was about the kick it aswell.
I quickly used some spells to kill him and the others quickly charged towards me.
A Ascalonian patrol saw the Charr and charged towards them.
I quickly grabbed the tiny girl and hide behind some rocks to protect her.
After the battle was over we went to a safe place so i could learn more about her.
Although she couldnt speak loud i could her say that she was thanking me and that her name was Gwen.
I asked how she got so small.
She said she was part a experiment of the Charr.
According to Gwen the Charr were busy creating a spell to dupicate someone so they could increase there army faster.
But they first used the spell against there humans prisoners to see if it would work.
One of the prisoners was a young girl called Gwen and the failed spell created a miniature dupicate of her.
After hearing the story i said i would take care of her from now on and she was happy after 2 years of crying and hiding.
We quickly bonded to each other and soon learned that the failed spell which created her had more powers.
She was able to speak with her mind to those who she trusts.
So far she only trust me despite that i keep on trying that she trust more people instead of just me.

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