The Worst Monk life story 8: The journey home

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The Worst Monk life story 8: The journey home Empty The Worst Monk life story 8: The journey home

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Goodday to you and hope you enjoy the story

Chapter 18: Goodbye.

After i was requested to leave Ascalon by the king itself i decided to go back home.
I couldnt wait to see my mother after being one year away from her.
But before i wanted to leave i wanted to see my friends one more time and say to them goodbye.
I went to the Shiverpeak mountains and saw the king during a battle against the Stone Summit.
Once the battle was over i went to him and said i am going home.
As a goodbye present the king gave me a legendary weapons called the Deldrimor's Staff.
I thanked him for it and i went back on my way to Lion's Arch in hope i can find some of mine Shining Blade friends.
After reaching Lions Arch i couldnt find one so i decided to go back to the Maguuma Jungle.
Once i found them i said goodbye to them and i went searching for Woho Sacredhide to say goodbye to him and his Centaur tribe.
A Centaur scout patrol found me and said that i must follow them.
We went deep into the Maguuma Jungle.
So deep you could see its acient form.
I quickly gained more respect for the jungle due to that.
Once we reached the place the Centaurs said that i must go on my own now.
I did as i was told and when i walked around the corner i was surprised.
Everywhere i looked were Centaurs from all the tribes.
From the jungle tribes to those of the desert and the shiverpeaks.
Despite so many they created a path for me to a acient temple of the god Balthazar.
I walked into the temple and i was stunned by its beauty.
Then all the leaders of each Centaur tribe stepped forward.
Then one of the leaders asked to kneel before them.
I did and one by one the leaders blessed me.
I said thanks to the blessings and i turned around and said to the rest that without there help i couldnt have saved Tyria and therfore i bow to you.
All the Centaurs cheered and not soon after it a party started.
I never thought Centaur Ale would taste that good.
The next day after a long night of partying the Centaur tribes returned to there home and i went back Lion's Arch so i could go back home aswell.

Chapter 19: Home sweet home.

After getting a boat together with my little companion Gwen we said sail to Cantha.
After awhile i noticed Gwen got a little seasick.
She never even saw a huge amount of water so i wasnt surprised.
We stopped at Kamadan so she could a bit better then.
At the same time i bought some potions against sea sickness.
I noticed how few have heard of what happend in Tyria, cause when i asked about it almost nobody knew where i was talking about.
I didnt cared much about if they knew about it or not and i quickly set sail again to Cantha.
The first pieces of land i saw were the Battles Isles.
I just wanted to go back home and sailed by them and not soon after i saw the first buildings at the horizon.
I stopped once more to buy some stuff at Kaineng Center and once more a potion for gwen's sea sickness.
After i bought my stuff i set sail once more to Seitung Harbor.
I finally reached Seitung Harbor and i bought some stuff for the small journey to my village.
A merchant said to me that the Crimson Skull recently plunderd a village called Linkei Township.
I was shocked and i quickly went on my way to see if my mother was alright.
Halfway past the mountains the baby yeti that me and a teacher rescued when were going to the Monastery rememberd me and helped me so i would have a safe passage.
Past the Yeti cave i saw my village from a distance.
Halfway to it i saw a small girl and her mother under attack by the Crimson Skull.
I quickly hasted to them but i was too late.
In front of my eyes the mother was slain.
I quickly casted several spells against the Crimson Skulls and they were taken down.
I rushed to the girl and tryed to calm her down.
But her loss of her mother was so big i couldnt calm her down.
I asked Gwen to act like a living doll and that way calm her down.
It worked and she quickly was calm enough so i could ask her some stuff.
I asked where she lived and if she had any family left.
She said she lived in Linkei Township and She had no family left.
According to her they were killed during the Crimson Skull raid.
I asked if she wanted to live with me and my mother since she had no one else to go to.
She said yes and said her name was Kai Lan.
So me, Gwen and Kai lan continued to Linkei Township.
Once we reached it i noticed my mother wasnt home.
I asked to the villagers where she was and said she was killed in the raid.
Once i heard that i fell to the ground and started crying.
But my responsabilty to take care of Gwen and Kai Lan quickly helped me back up.
The next day Sara Sweetbow and Snowy Renegade visited it me and not soon later Master Togo and headmaster Amara came aswell.
All four congratulated me for my victory in Tyria.
I thanked them and said without the help of my friends i couldnt have done it.
We celebrated it with a big dinner.
After the dinner i was asked by Togo if i want to become a teacher at the Monastery.
I said no cause i needed to look after Gwen and Kai Lan and also to protect the village from any more raids.
And from that moment i could start relaxing and starting with a new way of life.
But how that goes you can read in a other story.

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