The Worst Monk life stroy part 9: A new life

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The Worst Monk life stroy part 9: A new life Empty The Worst Monk life stroy part 9: A new life

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Still arent bored of reading my stories?
good enjoy this story then.

Chapter 20: A change of life.

After rescuing Tyria from the undead Vizier and taking little Gwen and Kai Lan into my care.
My hero way of life was at an end.
Instead of being a farmer i decided to become a soldier protecting the village from the local wildlife and the Crimson Skull.
I signed in and quickly i rose in ranks of becoming a captain of my own patrol.
Usually Kai Lan was playing with the local kids or with Gwen and sometimes walked with me on patrol
She quickly became interested in the way of the warrior and sometimes when time was on our hands the soldiers in my patrol learned her the basics.
Despite no interest in becoming a hero like me she still wanted to able to defend herself so she would not suffer the same fate as her mother.
A year has past and Snowy Renegade and Sara Sweetbow went on a visit to me.
I saw them coming from a distance and i noticed they had a new child.
Once they were in the village i congratulated them and asked for its name.
he is called Leon.
I also noticed a third child was coming up.
After a chat they said they bought a house in this village and could use some help with carrying over the stuff.
Took a week to carry all there stuff to the there new home but we made it.
There kids were also getting interested in seeing Gwen.
Gwen didnt really liked it though she was still a bit shy after the pain and misery she had gone through after she was created.
A year has past once more and Snowy durin that time joined up in my patrol while Sara took care of her kids and from time to time of Lai Kan aswell.
There upcoming baby was born aswell a little boy called Tristan.
It was my first birth i saw of there children and i blessed the child of the favor of Dwayna.
2 years in total after i came back to my village and peace roamed the lands but as i know well peace would never last forever.
Suddenly one of my scouts so a large amount of Crimson Skull walking towards us.
I quickly prepared the men and asked Sara who was with us at the time to protect the children and kill any enemy that avoided it us.

Chapter 21: A battle of Revenge.

Once i saw the Crimson Skull my heart quickly filled with anger and revenge for what they did to my mother and the family of Lai Kan.
I put Gwen on to my shoulders and said that they killed my mother and the family of Lai Kan.
I saw that even Gwen was filled with anger and i decided to let her stay on my shoulder during the fight.
The Crimson Skull assembled there raiding party and not long after there archers were first to attack us.
They fired with a high rate of fire with there bows and i quickly casted a shield to protect the soldiers.
Sawing that there arrows were useless against my shield there warriors were marching toward us.
Snowy quickly casted several fire spells and once they reached us atleast half of the warriors were burned.
There spellcasters quickly came once the remaining warriors us.
Both me and Snowy casted several Area spells and killed alot of them.
Only there healers and there leader survived.
My hatred against grew more and more with each passing second.
Once i couldnt contain it anymore i went into a rage and casted a huge ray of light on there leader.
I saw in front of my eyes how she vaperized.
After the ray of light was gone the remaining fighter of the Skull saw that there leader was gone and quickly ran back to there camp.
I decided to defeat once and for all in this area.
We quickly marched towards there camp and killed them.
After the battle i was demoted to private since that a captain that cant control its emotions isnt worth being one according to my superiors.
I left the army due to that and decided to create a guild in order to protect the world.

Chapter 22: A safe heaven for cookies.

I asked Snowy if he and would to start together with me on a guild.
He gladly said yes.
We went up creating names for our guild but couldnt come up with a good one.
Then suddenly Tristan said his first word: cookie.
And so we found our name for the guild:
The Ministery Of Cookies
Ofcourse we needed a guild hall aswell and so me and Snowy set sail to the Battle Isles to buy some land for our guild hall.
We asked a Canthan Ambassador to create one that resembles Shing Jea Island.
And within a month it was done.
It looked so beautifull.
I quickly sended a message to the Shining Blade in the hope that some of them will join the guild, i also sended several to the Centaurs.
After awhile the messages came back most said no and only my old friend Scykosis Lynx joined.
The Centaurs wouldnt mind joining but there tribe is pretty much the same as a guild and they didnt wanted to leave it.
So with Scykosis on the way to meet us Snowy and i went recruiting at the busy places.
We got several new members due to that such as:
Mr Nodrog.
Kan Ook.
Shinin Moone.
and several more.
With the guild growing we felt confident we would be strong enough to protect the world against any enemy.
And the world would need our help sooner then we expected but how thats goes you will read in a other story.

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