Fissure of Woe - True or Myth?

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Fissure of Woe - True or Myth? Empty Fissure of Woe - True or Myth?

Post  Charon Grim on Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:52 am

We all have heard someone talking about fow, or perhaps seen armor that looks (shitty on warriors) rare, that is the fow armor, or some say obsyarmor. Well, im not here talking about the armor though, but the place FoW.

It is said that FoW is one of the elite missions/quests, thus considered very tough place where u will die in seconds. So lets take a quick peek for it then.

In Normal Mode, enemies in this area are around 24+ and aren't really so tough as the rumors says. they have same skills that you can have and so on..

usually, team consists of one tank, usually warrior or Shadowform assassin, that tanks and mobs the enemies to one big single group, then few nukers sends out shitloads of damage to them, killing as much as possible of the big group. then there are usually 2 monks, that are either HB monk, and protter, but 2 hb's are better, since warriors have good enuf armor to sustain the high damage they might receive. Also, usually one Spiteful Spirit necromancer is on the party, to spam SS with arcane echo for the enemies that deals great amount of damage to all foes adjacent targeted foe. Other remaining partymembers are either rangers, paragons, ritu's... well, what ever does damage for range... mostly targeting enemy monks.

It would take long for me to put all quests and stuff here, so check gwwiki for them.

Still, i have one thing to add here. how did i finish fow for the first time?

Well, starters, what did we have?

2x warriors (neither weren't really a "tank")
1x paragon (runned imbagon build a.k.a SY!)
2x monk (both runned HB build)
2x elementalists (both were fire nukers)
1x ranger (splinter barrager)

anyways, the start was horrible, cause we had no tanks, and the "tanker" pulled enemies right to us and all hell broke loose. then we just started to use the tactic that warriors rushed the enemies, all others then followed and it worked well, sure some player died sometimes, but they were quickly resurrected. they key for all the victories were, that every one always attacked the same enemy, first monks, then elementalists/mesmers, and lastly warriors. of course others were more experinced than i was, but i just followed others and did all i could do, i played the paragon myself.

hmm... dont know what else i could add so this wont end up as a novel...

just, bring shitload of damage / monks heals as best as they can

thats all i really could say

Charon Grim

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Fissure of Woe - True or Myth? Empty Re: Fissure of Woe - True or Myth?

Post  basketbal on Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:16 am

i placed it in here fits here better then for general area
nice info about how you did it in that group

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