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Post  baronivellios on Mon Sep 14, 2009 5:37 pm

Heya everyone,

Last weekend we made the guildphoto (which can be found on the site by clicking the MC tab), though not everyone managed to be online at the time we took it. After hearing ppl ask if we could make a new photo so they can be on it too I decided to put ppl into the current one by using photoshop. Therefor I just need to take sceenies of any guildie who wants to get on the photo in sitting position. Best would be if I could take the screenies at our guildhall on the stairs.
When someone wants to be added to the photo he/she can just ask me to come to the guildhall.
After taking the screenie you normally will be on the photo within 24 hours (if Chris is able to update the site offcourse).

Greetz Pascal

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