wintersday guild video

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wintersday guild video

Post  basketbal on Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:06 pm

i found a very funny christmas tune som while ago and i thought by myself why not make a guildvideo with this song with wintersday^^.

00:00-00:08 the chars of all the ppl that want will be switching on the rythm

00:08-00:35 will display wintersday quests as a group

00:35-01:01 will reveal the battle between grentches and snowman

01:01-01:27 will show the outposts wintersday skin

01:27-01:32 some more char switching

01:32-01:52 will show some outpost fun, its means just hanging around in a outpost and having fun wintersday style^^

01:52-01:57 tonic fun, will show some tonic fun with the 3 wintersday tonic on the rythm

01:57-remaining a final thing, atm thinking of a snowball hitting the screen showing happy wintersday by MC, but have no exp in making that and cant find something like that on the internet,
so plz help with this or come up with other ideas

hope many of you will co-op for this^^


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Re: wintersday guild video

Post  baronivellios on Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:29 pm

count me in m8, i really like the idea Very Happy

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