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guild wars is just awesome Empty guild wars is just awesome

Post  basketbal on Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:55 pm

the famous discovery channel commercial
i thought it would be fun to do a guild video with it and also very simple
the main stuff is only using the emote /cheer at the points the song is at.
example: i love hot magma(someone standing in magma using the /cheer)

"It never gets old, huh?" someone talking to someone on the bridge at the waterfall in the GH
"nope" someone talking to someone on the bridge at the waterfall in the GH
It kinda makes you wanna...break into song? someone talking to someone on the bridge at the waterfall in the GH
Yupp someone talking to someone on the bridge at the waterfall in the GH
I love the mountains a shot of some mountains
I love the clear blue sky a shot of the sky
I love big bridges a shot of a bridge with someone using cheer op it
I love when great whites fly (no idea for this yet)
I love the whole world picture of the map of entire tyria
and all it's sights and sounds a shot of kamadan american district
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada several ppl cheering and a male(prefer a warrior coming close to the camera cheering)
I love the ocean a shot of the ocean with someone cheering
I love real dirty things a shot of the dirty sewers in kaineng city with somone in the water cheering
I love to go fast someone running extremely fast in front of me(using consumables or a spell)
I love Egyptian kings someone cheering while standing next to palawa joko
I love the whole world and all it's craziness love world part: creatures from tonics/craziness part: showing MC logo^^
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada first 2: in the gazebo in kaineng center with alot of ppl cheering in front of it 3rd: someone drops a explosive charge at a charr tower 4th: tower goes boom while the one placing it does cheering(3rd+4th are in the mission against the charr)
I love tornadoes a ele using whirlwind(or any other AoE ele spell that can resemble a tornado)
I love arachnids someone cheering while being attacked by spiders
I love hot magma someone cheering while standing in it.
I love the giant squids someone cheering in front of Zhu hanuku
I love the whole world, Its such a brilliant place GH fireworks
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, BoomdeyadaBoomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada BoomdeyadaBoomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada some random stuff where ppl are cheering in front of things.(atleast 2 of them shall: a golem using /sit and then /stand and the other one is someone cheering high on a mountain)
afterwards the credit roll

guild wars is just awesome Chris-hansen
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