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Canthan New Year 2010 District Sponsor Empty Canthan New Year 2010 District Sponsor

Post  basketbal on Sat Apr 11, 2009 3:43 am

With a bit of talk with Aliesha Ward and my own interest of doing it aswell.
I have decided with the Canthan New Year 2010 we will be sponsoring a District.
How does it work, its simple with the final event you need to give the cooks the ingredients and MC will provide the ingredients for the entire district.
there are 22 ingredients in total and we need 9 of each.
more will be better ofcourse so that if we want we can sponsor more districts.
which districts we will be sponsoring i will mention later when the festival is closeby.

Why sponsor a district:

there are 3 reasons for this:
1: a district that doesnt have sponsor will have the chance of not completing all 5 dishes and so we wont get the maximum amount of items given by the celestial creatures.
2: to be able to get the maximum amount of items given by the celestial creatures.
3: we might be able to get new members with it.

here are some farming places i found out to get several ingredients in 1 place:
Pongmei Valley: dragon root - guardian moss
Ring Of Fire: ebon spiderweb - igneous spiderleg - smoking remains - fiery crest(not sure about the fiery crests though)

the toughest ones to get:
these drop very rare due to there low drop rate and or there very few of these enemies.

Guardian Moss(dropped from island guardian)
Smoking Remains(dropped from Nightmare(ring of fire)
Azure crests(dropped from dragons in the jade sea)

the ingredients

Imperial Chef Yan

* Iridescent Griffon Wing amount: 10
* Tangled Seed amount: 39
* Fiery Crest amount: 12
* Smoking Remains amount: 5

Imperial Chef Reun

* Alpine Seed amount: 31
* Guardian Moss amount: 22
* Celestial Essence amount: 55
* Dragon Root amount: 106

Imperial Chef Jiong

* Archaic Kappa Shell amount: 10
* Mantis Pincer amount: 30
* Kraken Eye amount: 13
* Naga Hide amount: 50

Imperial Chef Chen
(Main Course)

* Igneous Spider Leg amount: 20
* Ebon Spider Leg amount: 23
* Bonesnap Shell amount: 11
* Azure Crest amount: 5
* Unctuous Remains amount: 12

* Truffle amount: 34
* Ebon Spider Web amount: 14
* Half-Eaten Blob amount: 58
* Azure Remains amount: 19
* Icy Lodestone amount: 59
Use the link t learn more about the festivel and items.

the items will be kept safe with the lovely lady:Mc Event Babe

i will write down who have donated( i stopped keeping records of what everything donated was simply to difficult for me to keep track of it)

Kcodrum Kcaj
Snowy Renegade
The Worst Monk
Kan Ook
Mr Nodrog
Sara Sweetbow
Kishu Men
Charon Grim
Scykosis Lynx
Shinin Moone
Thor Gunnar
I Am Bored Of You X
Shasgaliel A
Baron Ivellios

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