The story of The Worst Monk part 3: The Shing Jea Monastery

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The story of The Worst Monk part 3: The Shing Jea Monastery Empty The story of The Worst Monk part 3: The Shing Jea Monastery

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(P.S due to my new job i hardly got time and due that i play some other games aswell i dont have time to create screenshots)

I once more welcome you all to another story of mine.
So open your ears, sit down and open your eyes for a new story.

chapter 6:The road to Shing Jea Monastery.

I was 6 years old when a teacher of the Monastery saw me busy with practicing with monk spells.
He saw great potential in me and ask my mother if i could join the Monastery.
She said yes and within the hour i was ready to leave.
We first needed to reach Seitung Harbor wish i knew wouldnt be easy.
the moutains were full of Tengu and Yeti which are both very agressive to each other and other living beings.
Halfway through the mountains we saw a baby yeti and his mother being attacked by a large group of tengu.
Me and the teacher saw in front of our eyes that the mother was killed and they were about to attack the baby.
When the teacher saw that he quickly casted several spells which killed the entire group of tengu.
I saw several stones that were on fire falling down on the tengu.
Once i saw that i knew the teacher was a Fire Elementalist.
The father of the baby saw his actions against the tengu and helped us across the mountains.
The teacher said to me that despite yeti's arent the most clever beings they do respect honour and courage.
Once we reached Seitung Harbor we make a small break and i decided to look around.
At one moment i saw a legendary creature native to Cantha.
The teacher came to me and said that the creature is a Kirin and his name was Zun Raa and one of last kirins still friendly to humans.
I went to it and it said hi to me.
I was surprised that a creature could talk aswell.
He saw my reaction and said: dont worry your not the first one who is surprised about my abilty to speak.
we talked for awhile and after awhile he felt a aura was around me.
He said that to me and mentioned that a god is watching over me.
I knew when he said that Dwayna watches over me.
We went on continiuing to reach the Monastery and halfway on the trail to it i saw a female practicing her skills on some mantids.
I asked to the teacher what her name was and he said that he didnt know her name but he did know that she has a relationship with one of students.
So i went to the ranger and asked her name.
Her name was Sara Sweetbow.
She welcomed me to the Monastery and walked with me and the teacher.
Finally we reached the Monastery and she left us.
The teacher brought me to a man Called Master Togo and welcomed me.
Togo then walked with me to my new room which i would share with someone.
Later in the night my roommate came in and i saw a familiar face.
Turns out my roommate was Sara Sweetbow.
I also saw her boyfriend who was called Snowy Renegade.
We told some stories to each other and both welcomed me to the Monastery.

chapter7: The longlife teachings of the Monastery.

I quickly became once of the best monks of the monastery and at the age of 8 i was according to headmaster Amara the best monk student she ever had.
She also mentioned that the kurzicks really could use a powerfull like me on the battlefield against the luxons.
Despite being the best monk student of the Monastery not everyone was pleased with it.
Most fellow monk students couldnt take that even the headmaster was impressed by me and i was often ignored by them.
I luckily had my roommate Sara and her boyfriend Snowy as friends.
Although both were 10 years older then me it didnt really minded to me.
when i reached the age of 10 Sara and Snowy were both masters of there proffession and left the Monastery.
I was happy for them but heart broken aswell since i would lose my friends once they would leave.
Sara said to me while she packing her stuff that they both would come to visit me from time to time.
At the age of 14 a scribe came in the classroom and said that in the in the Northern lands of Tyria the Charr were invading the lands of Ascalon and Kryta and Orr.
He also said that the charr released a deadly spell which completely destroyed the lands of Ascalon.
As soon as i could i went to the headmaster and asked if i could go to Ascalon and see if i can help there.
Sadly she said no because i didnt had enough experience yet.
Once i reached 16 i was strong and experienced enough to go help the people of Ascalon and i was allowed to leave the Monastery.

And so my Journey began to the Northern continent of Tyria but how that went is a whole other story.

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