The Worst Monk life story part 6: A dragon and the Shiverpeaks

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The Worst Monk life story part 6: A dragon and the Shiverpeaks Empty The Worst Monk life story part 6: A dragon and the Shiverpeaks

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Ready for the new story?
i knew you would, enjoy

Chapter 13: A dragon's prophecy.

A Forgotten waiting in a cave to teleport for a final test.
Once i was ready i was teleported to a place full with crystal like stones.
After defeating several enemies i saw a transparent dragon.
I defeated it and was teleported to another cave.
After defeating more foes i came across the same dragon.
I attacked but i noticed it had completely different spells.
After i defeated it i realize that the test is about defeating the dragons of all Tyrian proffesions in order to proof myself to someone.
I once more got teleported to another cave and once more a dragon was waiting for me.
I killed it once more and after several more caves i defeated them all.
After the last dragon i was teleported to a cave where a dragon was waiting for me but this one wasnt transparent.
Turns out it is the dragon Glint one of the oldest dragons alive.
She said that i was part of a prophecy she predicted a long time ago.
Once she was done speaking i was teleported to a dwarven outpost called Droknar's Forge.

Chapter 14: Small people big burden

The dwarves that were still on the side of there of King Jalis Ironhammer knew they were losing the war.
So i decided to help them.
Not long after i started my journey to help the dwarves i found my old friend Scykosis Lynx once more.
He said that Evenia and Sandra were captured by the White Mantle and taken to a place not far from where we were.
So we quickly went to there and for the first time we saw the Mursaat.
Since he and me were Asended we thought we could defeat them, but just as we want to attack the vizier suddenly spawns before us.
He said that cant defeat them yet since there spells are to powerfull unless our armor is infused.
Despite that we werent infused we still needed to save Evenia and Saidra.
After a long time sneaking into the White Mantle base we found them and used some dwarven kegs that were lying around to destroy the bars.
Although they were free the explosion was heard from a long distance and long later we saw incoming White Mantle and Mursaat coming to us.
We knew we would be outnumberd.
Then seer said that she will distract them and gave Evenia her bow.
We didnt wait for and quickly made a run for it.
After a while we found some dwarven ship and used it in order to escape.
Once we found a safe place to dock Evenia quickly went back to Kryta in order to restore the Shining Blade after the betrayal of Markus.
Once Evenia was out of sight the Vizier spawned and told us Markus is nearby but the Mursaat are guarding him.
Luckily there was a acient seer near him.
According to the vizier the seer belong to a acient race who fought the Mursaat and know how to protect themselves and other from there powerfull spells.
The vizier vanished and me and Scykosis Lynx quickly went searching for the .....
After some time we found him and asked to him if he could get our armor infused.
He would do it if we bring a spectral essence to him.
I knew a Eidolon would drop one so we quickly search for one and once we found one we killed it and brought back to the seer.
Just as he promised he infused our armor and me and Scykosis turned our attention to the traitor Markus.
We spotted a White Mantle patrol and followed them in hope we would reach Markus and not soon later we spotted him.
But as soon as we came closer several Mursaat spawned out of there crystals.
Luckily we were infused and the Mursaat was quickly taken down.
Markus tryed to escape but Scykosis shot with his bow and crippled him.
A powerful smiting spell and a good placed arrow made sure he would make a trip to the Underworld.
Not long after we killed Markus a dwarven scout asked for help in order to retake Thunderhead Keep
We decided to help them take back there city.
Thanks to my friendship with centaurs i sended a message to one of the shiverpeak tribes in hope they would help me.
We reached the city and with help of the remaining dwarven army in the area lead by there king we retaken the city.
But as soon as we captured the city, the White Mantle started to attack.
Although we had the advantage of being in a fortress we were quickly outnumberd and all hope was lost.
At the final moment the centaurs arrived.
Together we destroyed the White Mantle and even killed one of there leaders.
The dwarves finally could started to push back the Stone Summit and mine and Scykosis job of helping the dwarves was done but the final battle against the Mursaat still needed to begin.
And so with some help of the dwarves we set of to the Ring of Fire Islands.
Both me and scykosis Lynx prepared for the final to decide if Tyria would be safe or it would meet its doom but thatsa for another story

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